Friday, June 01, 2007

Parks Scrutiny Panel - Stanley Park - Major Ventures

It was a beautifully warm and sunny afternoon as the Parks Scrutiny Panel toured round Stanley Park. I have never walked right through the park before and was very impressed with the council's plans to improve the historic park and the glasshouse, terrace and sandstone pavillions.

We were shown the part of the park which LFC plan on building on, it is always a shame to build on parks but I was a little reassured by the fact that the bit they want to build on is a field, rather than trees, planting, lakes or paths. Apparently the millions that will be spent on restoring the old and formal parts of the park depend on the club's involvement. A very tricky situation.

After the tour we looked at the major ventures and plans in various parks; The Otterspool, Jericho Lane, riverside park area which looks really good, plans for Sefton Park and bids for major works in Princes Park and Newsham Park. In a few years time we should have some parks to be really proud of.

I also asked where my proposals were for a flower bed celebration of the 800th birthday in St John's, I am told they are happening this month all being well. I was asked about publicity. I said I dont mind who gets in the photo of the opening as long as I am not cut out of it altogether, it was my suggestion after all and my urging that Glendale take this on. It is all also in private celebration of my Grandfather and Great Grandfather and two Great Uncles who all planted flower beds for the Corporation, albeit in different cities.

I think flower displays are much loved by the people and we should bring them back as soon as we can!

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