Friday, June 01, 2007

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

I had a really good meeting on Friday in Runcorn with Lynn Griffiths of Carbon Monoxide Awareness.

Their aims are to

1. Alert the general public to be safe and aware of the dangers of CO
2. Alert and train the health professionals to diagnose this poison
3. Encourage and train the pathologists to record the poison as cause of death where appropriate
4. Find victims and their families and bring them together and support them
5. Assess the current levels of danger within the country's housing stock.

I have pledged to help them all I can, not just because of the death of my dear fiance Michael Price but also because since the story has been publicised in Liverpool, other victims or their families have come forward to me for help.

The Fairfield pilot project has now been launched and people are queuing up to take detectors but we still need to get awareness right out there, any help gratefully received.

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