Friday, June 22, 2007

It is not too late

Message to Labour Party members

There are just four and a half hours left to vote in the Deputy Leadership Contest.

Click on the title of this entry and it will take you to the online voting facility.

The deadline for the three million union members with a vote has now passed, but ordinary party members have up until 5pm tonight, Friday 22nd June.

I am voting for Hazel Blears who sees the role of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party as a campaigning role, working with activists, local councillors, MPs and community representatives to deliver Labour councils and a Labour government. She is also keen on involving a wide range of people in agreeing on the future direction of policy, using local examples of best practice for instance to inform a national direction.


Bungo! said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Sixth and last place for that insufferable dwarf.

Thank God that not everyone in the Labour party is an idiot.

Louise Baldock said...

You obviously are not a LP member yourself, we would never be so rude about one of our own, and that being the case, I really dont see what business it is of yours who is our deputy leader.
Thanks for popping in though.