Friday, June 01, 2007

Latest module on Councillorship course

I went yesterday to the launch of the latest module in the Councillorship course. It might take 4 years to complete, in conjunction with the University of Chester, but results in a certificate of Higher Education.

I have done the media studies module and had excellent feedback, I have promised to do my best to repeat that this time!

This time we are studying community cohesion, essentially it is about how we bring together different racial groups, different nationalities, different levels of disability, different sexes, ages and sexualities within our wards and tailor our services to suit them.

It is going to be an exciting challenge. I have already asked some of our new African residents if they would like our literature in French, for many their first language, but so far they tend to prefer to receive it in English. I must consult further. Otherwise I look forward to learning a lot about bringing our services to all the community. We have until the end of September to complete the paperwork, expect a busy summer from me!

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