Friday, June 08, 2007

Girls' night out at the Pan Am club

When you get to 41 you are far too old to be a "girl" but nonetheless when I go out with the women I met on my HR course last year, a "girls' night out" is what we always call it.

There are five of us, ranging from 22 to 41, and we meet about every two months to catch up. It is only 12 months since we graduated from our course and yet so much has happened in that time. It is great to catch up and we always enjoy getting together.

The meal was good, it ended up at about £25 per head, we had two courses, I had a tortilla with salad and oriental pork strips and then coq au vin, which was very tasty and the chef was able to cope with Shaz's strange meal request (she is pregnant, say no more).

We did get in a mess with the parking fees for the carpark though.

We arrived at Albert Dock at 6.30, there is a £1.50 fee for the hour up to 7pm and then it changes to £2 for a flat fee until the morning. We had to run outside at 7 and feed the meter again. I think the carpark people need to get their act together, it is not very user friendly. But otherwise I can recommend the Pan Am.

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