Friday, June 08, 2007

More about Crosby Beach

The first time I went to the beach at Crosby to see the Iron Men I was struck by the sea-washed rubble at the back of the beach.

Huge piles of building material and rubble has been dumped between the beach and the sand-dunes to prevent the sea from wearing the dunes away.

These bricks and stone pillars and columns have been eroded over the years and now take the shape of bread rolls and loafs, they are a work of art all on their own. Next time you go up there, go and have a look and see for yourself, they are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

The rubble (not a very good description) is amazing: from house bricks (with dates from 1912 to 1956 on them) to huge granite and marble lintels and arches, and all sorts of other stuff. In some areas they are very fresh; in others they are well worn as shown here. And it stretches for hundreds of yards, from the coastguard station to the river Alt.
Where is it all from?

Anonymous said...

Apparently it's all Blitz rubble through to 1970's demolition rubble. The part nearest the Alt being 1940's Blitz rubble.
Colin Buchanan