Sunday, June 17, 2007

Christmas just came early

And so it was, in a moment of pure poetry, that Sam Tyler turned up on Doctor Who.

The only two TV programmes worth watching this year have found a way to cross over, one being the endlessly wonderful and successful Doctor Who and the other one having begun last year and ended this year, several series too soon (that would be Life on Mars to the uninitiated, in which case none of this will mean anything to you, so move on to the next entry).

A new timelord has turned up, it turned out the Face of Boe was right, the Doctor was not alone. The Master, Derek Jacobi (great casting), had been hiding as a human for a long time, just as the Doctor was doing last episode in England in 1913, and like the Doctor he was hiding so well that he had forgotten he was a timelord. A meeting with the Doctor slowly brought it back to him and he realised he too was a timelord. He broke into the TARDIS and was regenerated, and turned into John Timm (the actor who played Sam Tyler).

It was like winning the pools, only better.

I cannot wait until the second episode next week

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