Monday, April 21, 2008

Writing on the Wall festival

WoW Festival 2008

I have been made aware of this festival which is being organised in Liverpool throughout the month of May, do have a look at the website for details of some exciting events.

May 1st to May 31st

It’s 2008, and the writing is on the wall. With the whole city debating and engaging with its status as Capital of Culture, Writing on the Wall returns to the roots of that culture with history, drama, poetry, fiction, scholarship, journalism, and music. Throughout the month of May, our festival will ask some big questions about the nature of writing and its relationship to society. We hope our diverse array of guests, together with our audiences, will find the answers. With such eminent thinkers as Tony Benn, Phil Scraton, Yasmin Alibhia Brown; with the imagination of Poliakoff, Blake Morrison and Gilad; and the irreverence of Howard Marks and John Cooper Clarke, WoW 2008 will be a profusion of ideas and creative energy.

Writing on the Wall is a not for profit, social economy, organisation (company limited by guarantee with charitable status) established in 2002. The company was established to assure the continuing independent development of a festival that originated in 2000 as a Millennium Project sponsored through Liverpool John Moores University.


Anonymous said...

"With the whole city debating and engaging with its status as Capital of Culture"

That is a great way of describing the fact that the majority are wondering just when Capital of Culture is going to include them and are telling each other it is a 'crock of ****' whilst the rest are in their ivory towers.

Louise Baldock said...

If you feel so strongly then this festival might be just the thing for you, you could engage with the festival by writing about your views and sharing them with the other participants.

Have a look at some of the dates and events and go along.