Thursday, April 24, 2008

County tales

Gerard, Labour's candidate in County ward has been telling me some funny tales from the doorstep.

Apparently he met an elderly lady who asked him if his grandmother was called Cecilia. Yes, says Gerard, she was. It turned out this lady was his long-lost Great Aunty Annie! Family reunions are now being planned.

Another lady on the doorstep blessed him with holy water, saying she was praying for him to win.

And he met some of his old neighbours from his childhood who had since moved away. There was much reminiscing about the old days when Gerard and his little mates played tricks, tying door handles together and running away - still at least they weren't throwing stones at windows or mugging anyone!

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Anonymous said...

(scouseboy)The holy water incident reminds me of an incident when I was campaigning back in the late 80's.
We knocked on a door, and a window upstairs opened. "Good Evening Voting Labour next Thursday?" said our canvasser.
He promptly received a glass of water over his head!!! "my vote's for Jesus!!!" replied the woman as she promptly shut the window!!! No poster went up there that year!!!