Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Evening campaigning in Croxteth

Labour's women councillors in Liverpool were out en masse on the streets of Croxteth tonight to campaign for our colleague Rose Bailey.

It was really lovely, to have so many women out on the streets together, and we had a remarkably successful canvass too. It is awe-inspiring to meet lots of people on doorsteps who are expressing their personal satisfaction and deep admiration and support for their councillor after years of dedicated service. Rose has done so much for individual people and their families, almost every door had a story to tell. They are all very fond of her. It is like campaigning for a member of the royal family, or a hollywood star, except that Rose is very humble and shrugs off the plaudits.

Then our happy band went off for a meal and a drink and a gossip which was a great way to round off the evening. I do love my Labour Group.

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