Sunday, April 20, 2008

Carbon Monoxide alert

Today news has emerged of a death in a Great Western Hotel in Newquay in Cornwall.

This follows news last week about a poisoning which thankfully did not result in death but made several people very poorly, at a Liverpool hotel.

You can buy portable CO detectors for under £20.

It is not just holidays in apartments in mainland Europe where you need to be careful, or student halls, or privately rented flats.

Anywhere where energy is created for heating or cooking, that involves burning fossil fuel, has the capacity to create CO. Not just gas, but also oil and coal and charcoal and even wood.

These were nice hotels in this country, not flea-pits.

Please take my advice and buy two detectors - one for home and one to take with you whenever you pack your overnight bag. You cannot smell carbon monoxide, you cannot see, you cannot hear it hissing, you never know when it is there. Be safe!

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