Thursday, April 10, 2008

Valiant campaigners in Toxteth/Picton

The valiant were out in Toxteth/Picton tonight.

Despite real authentic April showers we were not deterred from our leafletting and door-knocking.

Wendy was battered and bruised (if only on her right hand) from tussles with letter-boxes. Paul and Tim rose equally to the occasion and stopped only to shelter briefly while the rain was threatening to (hopefully) wash away the extreme detritus from the streets.

If you want to know the difference between a Labour councillor or candidate and a Liberal-Democrat councillor or candidate it is this:

We think the streets of Picton ward should be clean, the waste-grounds of Picton ward should be free from debris and fly-tipping, the "fronts" of houses on Picton ward streets should be clear of dumping, the people of Picton ward should be given the opportunity to be proud of their area.

I have delivered leaflets and knocked on doors in every ward in this city, at least once. But nowhere in the whole city, nowhere, NOWHERE, is as dirty and neglected as the streets of Picton ward.

I have taken lots of photos, perhaps it is time to share them with you? You, the majority of readers who live in Liverpool, need to know that in this particular ward people are living in the kinds of conditions that our national TV channels tell us are typical in war-torn countries.

Don't believe me? Go down to Apsen Grove, go down to the waste land on Fern Grove for instance.

There is no way on earth that I would allow any street in any ward that I represented to get as bad as this. I would stand on that street with my mobile phone, call the neighbourhood managers and wait there until they arrived and saw for themselves just how bad it is. Go to Wilkie Street. Go to the back entries of Cadogan. Just stick a pin in the map, you will find the same wherever you go.

Our people deserve the best, the very best, and Liverpool City Council is not directing its staff to make our streets the cleanest and the best. The LibDem politicians have forgotten this area, the staff have not prioritised this area and the residents are living in appalling conditions.

Abject Failure!

Sort it out!


Dude the Dog said...

Does this mean that you have given up on Kensington, now that Liam the Lurcher has been caught out? Single to Blackpool please!

Anonymous said...

(scouseboy) Hopefully Labour will look after this (and every) area after May. Also hopefully Picton will have a labour councillor then also.

Anonymous said...

Why all the lies? Louise? You know that Picton/Edge Hill is the same as many of the wards in the City, neither more nor less. Every ward has it's problems with street litter, including Kensington. The Ward Councillors are forever reporting flytipping, whitegoods, graffiti, trying to get neglected areas and alleyways clean. The local Neighbourhood Managers are very much aware of all the issues and are proactive in tackling them, inc. the Clean Team. Have you seen the new anti dog-fouling posters on Lawrence Road? Yes, that's all down to the Ward Councillors too. So you're absolutely wrong to say that Picton's the worst and you know it. The plain fact is that you've identified Wilkie Street and back Cadogan because those were the ones pictured on Tims last leaflet? Oh, what a co-incidence! I actually went to see the sites this morning and they're nowhere near as bad as you say. Got the photos to prove it myself. No, Louise, this is just another Labour smear tactic and it won't work. Not round Picton anyway.

Louise Baldock said...

I know that Picton is in the worst state. I know what was pictured on Tim's leaflet and if they are not a mess now that is because he has been working on cleaning them up.

You are complacent if you dont share our anger at the filth and dereliction.

Fern Grove is dreadful, I bet you didnt go there to take a picture did you?

How could you possibly let it get this bad?

Or the back of the vicarage on Earle Road?

I could find 50 sites tomorrow full of fly-tipping and grunge.

Tim reports lots of sites every day, residents come up to him in the street and ask him to help them to clean up. They have had enough.

Louise Baldock said...

And as for Dude the Dog, you want to be ashamed of yourself too. I understand you are the face of the blog for the Croxteth Liberal Democrats - maybe for the candidate, as I understand the dog is his.

You want to worry about Croxteth, not take a pot-shot at a fine young man who you don't know, have never met and who has put in a full year of very hard work for the people of Kensington and Fairfield.

I am full of admiration for him. It is a good day for democracy when young people want to get involved in politics and want to
address the local issues that local people care about.

He is going to be a wonderful councillor who will do great things for the ward.

Your sleazy attempts to damage him personally only show you for the opportunistic and desperate rag-tag and bobtail outfit you are.

He has not "been caught out" - he has not done anything wrong. I see you will fit right into the Liberal Democrats, they are all nasty people.

- and I have always worked all over the city campaigning. I have spoken to voters and delivered leaflets all over the city.

In our Party we all support each other and work together as a group, campaigning with each other. We are not all fighting like ferrets in a sack.

Still keep it up - the LibDem comments on my blog damage your party's chances every time you post one. The worse you get, the more people come over to Labour.

Anonymous said...

No, Louise, you're lying again. You must be getting desperate since you're sliding so fast in the opinion polls. When I went to see Wilkie Street this morning, it was clean and back Cadogan was clean[ish] apart from some builders rubbish at the far end. Tim's "special volunteers" must have busy working overnight, I presume. Tough being on the front line, eh? All the other sites have been identified by Neighbourhood Management for priority clearance. Oh, and the bit about the 'fifty sites'. Go ahead...I'd be really keen to see your list. You'd be lucky to find five. Your final comment on LibDem responses to your blogs is hilarious. I'd be amazed to see what wonderful camaderie exists between the Labour members in Kirkdale, Croxteth and Everton. Notice that you still haven't commented [yet] on the impact of Brown's abolition of the 10p tax band. Must be the first time that the Labour Party has actually created a new poverty trap and, for those affected, they'll never forgive you for it. We'll make sure of that.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic are you? You have the cheek to talk about the Lib-Dems matter how bad they may be right now, they still have a lot to learn from the labour group! I have never met such a back-biting gang in all my life...and I know because for my sins, I was a Labour member...never, ever again!

Louise Baldock said...

Oooh, make that the 18th posting, Councillor Makinson.

Anonymous said...

Still no response yet to the abolition of the 10p tax band, Louise. JoeAndo must have put a Labour Group "don't mention it" embargo on you lot. What are you afraid of?

Louise Baldock said...

Funny how the anonymous poster who wanted to stand in Norris Green but couldn't because of work commitments knows so much about the neighbourhood management in Picton. And neither Lawrence nor Ian would ever be so nasty or personal. So, now that it is clear that it is you, Andrew, I suggest you sling your hook.

Go and clear some rubbish up, I dont know how you have the gall to come on here and slag me when you let your ward get into such a filthy state. If you concentrated a bit more on your residents instead of reading my blog - on the hour every hour this afternoon - then it might not be so bad that Labour activists have to spend so much time reporting it.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha... you're gettin ripped by Andrew Makinson... lol... now that is funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Makinson must be a worried worried man yes indeed siree

It is time for a change though thats for sure

Time for change in Liverpool said...

Here we go again, thew Fib Dems want to campaign on national issues rather than local ones. Passing resolutions at Council that they can do naff all about just to make their wannabe MPs feel better - well, not on our watch sunshine.

Here's one for you "anonymous" Fib Dem - it is thanks to Labour targeting real poverty that people are being helped. The 10p tax band benefited everyone including those rich enough not to notice. Sorry that they are paying more now are we? By abolishing it, the Govt can concentrate its efforts on those that really need the help.

It's called redistribution. Check your politics books - your phony "left of Labour" (when you're fighting Labour because it is "right of the Tories" when you're fighting them) approach falls down when you have to make real hard choices about helping those that need help.

Meanwhile the Fib Dems would prefer to tax the lowest paid twice - once at local and once at national level.

Louise Baldock said...

"You know that Picton/Edge Hill is the same as many of the wards in the City, neither more nor less" says Councillor Makinson on my blog.

I took five photos tonight of dumped trash on just a few streets in Picton.

If I ever work out how to upload them from my phone to the computer, I will show you them.

Fingers crossed it will be tonight, but if not it will be tomorrow.

How dare LibDems tell the people of Picton that they are no worse off than other areas. Either they think that the whole city is awash with filth (and think that is okay) or they walk round with your eyes shut.

You Decide 2008 (!!)

JULIE said...

Louise, those who feel the need to slag you off, but do not let on who they are, should be treated with the contempt they deserve.
Ignore the faceless people who don't seem to know the difference between Gordon Brown and Joe Anderson.
Obviously what the Government do will affect us in Liverpool, however voting Lib Dem in the local elections will not change national policies.
If anonymous had anything about them they would be cleaning up with you instead of slagging you off for helping others, which I thought was the role of a councillor anyway, Obviously the Liverpool Liberal Democrats do not know the meaning of comarades when in a political party, they have shown themselves to be unworthy of our respect and are too busy deselecting those who question where our council tax has gone to?
anyway, I think you do a marvelous job and wish I had a caring committed councillor such as yourself instead of the Liberal Democrats from my area. I have never seen these people in action at all, ever, yet they keep getting in?!
I can't wait for May 1st, similar feeling that I had in 1997, look what we achieved then!
Liberal Democrats do not live in the real world at all.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Makeitupison needs to be looking for a new job one that he can perhaps do properly.

Im not a labour voter but Louise you'd be my candidate if you were standing for any other party