Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday's World at One - Radio Four

Did I tell you that Liam and I went out door-knocking last week with a Radio 4 journalist who was doing a piece about Liverpool?

You can now download it and listen to it yourself

We are on the Monday Episode with the piece beginning roughly 24 minutes into the show (you can skip through so you don't have to sit through the George Osborne interview at the start!)

Liam was great, so was the lady whose door we knocked on. Yes, it is true that she is a confirmed a Labour voter, although when I first met her two years ago she was not, she is a real switcher. But the real beauty of the interview was that we did not know it was her door until she opened it. I had her name on my list of residents in the street but had not put two and two together.

She was not the only door we knocked on either, we spoke to lots of people while we were cold-calling with the reporter, but this particular lady did have a lot to say about the city (as did most of the people we visited) and he obviously chose this as typical of the reactions we were getting.

The reporter cut out the sound of himself snorting when Liam mentioned dog-muck, because by the time we had finished on our campaign session, he must clearly have seen for himself that it was a real issue.

If you listen carefully in the background you can hear me telling Liam the names of the electors behind each door.

All very exciting and I would say a very positive outcome to what was truly a "finger in the wind" exercise requested by the BBC to help with their programming. It can be a very risky exercise, to knock on a random selection of houses, thankfully the Kensington doors we knocked on were at home and were keen to talk.

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J said...

Excellent. Liam did very well.