Sunday, April 06, 2008

Campaign social in West Derby

We had a great turnout for the social on Friday night for the Liverpool West Derby CLP social event. Members from across West Derby were joined by members elsewhere in the city for a lovely evening with friends, a special buffet from Carol and some inspiring speeches from Councillor Joe Anderson and Stephen Twigg.

I said 12 months ago that Stephen would reinvigorate this fairly moribund constituency Labour Party if he was selected as the Parliamentary candidate and I have to say even I vastly underestimated the impact he would have. They now have 50 local LP members working in the constituency every week, and when I say local I mean from within the constituency. They are also joined by some members from elsewhere in the city who can see the good work they are doing and want to help the campaign for Labour in the area.

If there was one constituency in Liverpool to watch, both in terms of local and national political results, this is the one!

Thanks for inviting me

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