Thursday, April 24, 2008

Richmond Tavern encounter

It was a bit of a shocker last night to run into a cabal of LibDems, when I wandered into our local to catch the end of the quiz, having been to a performance in the Anglican cathedral.

Councillors Bradley, Eldridge and Frank Doran with various hangers-on were in there, having a drink. It almost put me off my glass of wine.

As they were leaving, Warren said to me "What are you doing in my pub?" and I answered "I think you'll find it is my pub". Oh the wit and repartee we both managed, they should put us on the stage, weren't we both so erudite?

They didn't win the quiz though, signs of things to come on May 1st?


Anonymous said...

(scouseboy) Practicing for drowning their sorrows next week???

Anonymous said...

Frank didn't have far to go home then?

It's a good job they didn't win the cash prize. Two things would have happened. Firstly, they would have promptly lost it putting the quiz league in debt. Secondly a "Lib Dems secure funding" Focus would have went out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where does Frank actually live?