Thursday, April 03, 2008

On the stump...

We had a team out on the Phythian tonight, Me, Liam, Jane Kennedy, Rob and Claire, and we got hundreds of Labour promises and loads of poster requests. I love going on there, everyone is always so happy to see us and we get lots of hugs. We did at least three quarters of the estate, the sun was shining too, which considering how wet it was on Saturday was amazing.

It has been a long day though, I have written two leaflets, sorted out a load of photographs - then had to go back and do some again because they weren't good enough - handed in 4 more sets of nomination papers, loaded the first batch of survey results onto Contact Creator (and isn't it just fantastic by the way, being able to do in from home in your own time!)ran some stats to see how we are doing against our promise target...I didn't get home until 10.23pm!

Gerrard is doing exceptionally well, he has made 1000 contacts this week, or just over. We are going to get a chart and put it on the wall to spur everyone to even greater heights, but who could beat that magnificent effort?

Young Daniel was around too, working on a few leaflets, he has done some very smart letter-heads for Brian which I rather envied.

Liam had to report a fire while we were out earlier, in the gardens of a house on Anglezark Close, we couldn't see the flames but there was a lot of black smoke. There were lots of people coming out of the Liver Vaults to see what was happening. We didnt hang round for the fire engine though, too much to do.

Some LibDem leaflets were brought into the office today, they are making "local champions" of all their candidates. Dave Irving was photographed brushing up the litter and fly-tipping that the council have completely failed to remove in his area (that will teach him to vote LibDem), and also posting a letter in a pillar box, no really, that is how good a councillor he is. You just don't realise.

Amazingly Gary Millar has become a "local champion" in Old Swan already, he has only been there a week, having been parachuted in to replace the deselected Kevin Firth because two weeks ago he was a "local champion" in the city centre where he was going to be the candidate. I am still waiting to find out who they will stand in Central Ward, or will we have a LibDem free zone down there?

I notice their bar-chart of how many councillors they have got is wrong (again), another one defected today, this time to the Liberal Party (Ann Hines), they are dropping like flies! I guess they wont bother to alter the bar chart, because another one might defect the next day and then they will only have it all to do again.

The LibDems are down to 47 now, Labour on 35, Green 1, Liberals 4, Independent 1 and 2 vacancies (one a Labour retirement in a seat with a strong Labour vote which we should win handsomely in this double header election, the other caused by the death of a LibDem councillor who was due to face re-election this year. We would hope to win his seat this year, as we won the first one in the ward last year.)

A majority of only 6! Now that is something to get your teeth into!


Jeff999 said...

if your man has made over a thousand contacts in a week, that's pretty good going. I wouldn't expect him to be able to keep up that level without giving himself a brain haemmorage tho'!

Jeff Maughan (NCC)

Anonymous said...

(scouseboy) I am sure the Labour Party has higher aspirations than only to win three seat from the Fib Dems this year!!! Labour has produced an excellent manifesto for Liverpool in 2008, and I know they they have the talent within their group to deliver for Liverpool people.

Louise Baldock said...

Jeff, it really is true. To be honest I am totally amazed, I have never heard anything like it before. Obviously he has had people out with him on the doorstep but all the same, 1000!!

Anonymous said...

A majority of only 6 may be something to get your teeth into but the Lib-Dems will still have the support of the Liberals and the Independent!