Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saturday morning on the Molyneux

Wendy, Liam and I were joined by LP members from across the city on Saturday morning for an hour or so. They were knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and getting on the phones.

Despite the bitter cold (although the sun was shining), we made a good impact across the ward.

Our team was knocking on doors on the Moly, we had some remarkable results. One man we met on Sutcliffe Street told me that he was a long-term, hard-wired Liberal Democrat but was now seriously considering his position. He was appalled by the council tax rise, the audit report and the cuts. I introduced him to Liam as he was walking past between houses and he shook his hand, said it was good to see a young man getting involved in politics. Then after Liam had explained a few of our policies for the area he said he had now decided it was time to give Labour a chance and to give Liam a chance and that he would commit to voting Labour this time.

Claire and I also met a man on the Phythian late last week who said he now felt that enough time had gone by since Militant that he felt able to vote Labour.

I think the voters are coming to understand that our current crop of politicians were not around in the Militant days. Indeed some of our candidates were barely born when Militant were in the Town Hall. Our Labour team are a representative mixture of women and men, young and old, experienced and fresh, and every one of us is passionate about Liverpool and about serving Liverpool people.

I think this message is becoming clear to voters. The scare stories don't work any more.

The campaigning across the city this is year is going even better than last year, or the year before, we have lifted our game even higher. Seats are now being considered as worth "a good go" this year that we would never have thought likely in previous years.

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