Monday, September 10, 2007

Norman MacAskill and Ann Darlington's wedding

My friend Susan Watson and I went away this weekend to join our old mate Norman MacAskill at his wedding party in Ullapool.

Ullapool is on the west coast of the North West of Scotland, in short it is a very long way away!

We left York, where Susan lives, on Friday lunchtime and got a train up to Inverness where we stayed the night at the Thistle. The next day we picked up a hire car from Thrifty car rental (very cheap, very clean, definitely to be recommended) and drove up to Ullapool. We had a relaxed journey on both days and arrived in good time for the wedding party.

We even had time for fish and chips from the chippy Rick Stein has called the best in the UK. The chips were average, although chips are always average to me, but the fish (haddock) was the best I have ever tasted. Thanks Cllr Richie White for recommending we go and thanks to Norman for reminding me of it.

Norman and his bride Ann both looked very happy and Susan commented that their mutual love and affection was flowing strongly all night. We were both delighted to share the evening with them.

We were entertained by the Federals, a Scottish BlueGrass band who played all the kind of stuff I really like. I did get up and have a few dances.

The wedding and party were held at the Celeidh Place, a wonderful small "family" hotel with a great atmosphere. The rooms were not described by their views or the number of beds they contained but by the reading list of the books provided in each for our perusal. I bet it gets huge ticks from everyone who stays there.

We did have a long journey home, I havent worked out how far it is, but I was home in about 12 hours on Sunday.

I would not have wanted to go without Susan and we made a great team together, I dont have any photos, I seem to have damaged my camera so my pics are suddenly now all blurred but I understand Susan has put some on Facebook so I will see if I can save some and post them up on here

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Norman said...


It was a joy to see you both - we thanks for your kind words, and for making the very long journey. As I said, I think you won the prize for furthest travelled guest!

In the interests of the impeccable accuracy for which this blog is renowned, can I gently point out that my lovely wife's name is (and is going to remain) Ann DARLINGTON.

Big hugs