Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Message from Paula at Kensington HEAT

Got this message from Paula at HEAT that I want to share with you. I have just told her that I have put this up here and if she wants it editing, it wont stay this way for long, but in the meantime, good news, read on.

Hi Louise
Just thought I would drop you a line having read your blog.
As you know HEAT is based in the KNDC area and is a local advice agency. HEAT is currently accountable for five projects: Winter Survival Project, Kensington Community Assistance Programme, Kensington Advice Training and Employment Project, Kensington Family Support Group and Kensington Domestic Violence service.
The overarching theme that links all 5 projects is to improve the well being and quality of life of the inhabitants of the Kensington community through the provision of assistance to vulnerable households. HEAT does this by providing a range of integrated and accessible welfare advice and support services which enable the service user to access an integrated package of assistance and ensures access to and improved delivery of existing services.
HEAT’s target audience is the most socially excluded members of the community I.e. older people, people with disabilities, lone parents, refugees and asylum seekers and more recently migrant workers from the A8 and A2 countries. The project’s main focus is residents who have traditionally fallen through the net in relation to anti poverty services. HEAT staff has developed expertise and are specialists in relation to reaching and working with people within this target profile. In particular the team have provided an effective home visiting and outreach service which reaches many people in our communities who were previously unable to access wider service provision.
The reason I am telling you this is because like you I feel that the wider area of Kensington and the area south of West Derby Road have been overlooked especially in relation to the services offered in the KNDC area e.g. advice agencies. It was with this in mind that HEAT applied for funding to expand its geographical area to cover parts of Liverpool 6 and the wider area of L7 and were successful. So, having read your blog I contacted Venture Housing and suggested HEAT be placed on the mailing list for future Neighborhood meetings as I feel HEAT's services would compliment the partnership.
My direct number is 263 2232 if you would like to visit HEAT to find out more about what we do and what we have achieved we would welcome the opportunity.
Kind Regards

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Kensington's Old Dick said...

Does this mean I get me hands on some of that "clever Water" as a long time resident of L6 I have struggled to get my zimmer and electric scooter marked with this clever stuff but my local Bobby said I was on the "wrong side of the tracks", whatever that means. So I'm looking forward for my delivery of water soon, I have kept back an empty coke bottle to stoer it in. It#s good to hear that Kenny Regen initiatives are rippling out to the people of L6