Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Michael Shields Petition

Are you familiar with the story of Michael Shields?

He was a teenager on an exciting visit to Bulgaria to see his beloved Liverpool FC in a big match.

Another young man from Liverpool, has admitted to attacking a Bulgarian barman, seriously wounding him by hitting his head with a paving slab.

Michael was asleep in bed at the time of the attack.

The Bulgarian police got a lead to his hotel and worked their way through it, until they found Michael.

They arrested him, took him into custody, shackled him in the police station reception and then brought lots of witnesses in, past him, shackled.

Some of these witnesses then identified him in line-ups.

That is only scratching the surface of why this was a terrible and unjust convinction.

Michael was convicted for a crime committed by someone else.

We are all convinced of his innocence, Cllr Joe Anderson is spearheading his campaign (and he is an Evertonian by the way) accompanied by Labour MP Louise Ellman and Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy.

Michael has been imprisoned in Bulgaria and latterly Wigan and is being moved to Preston as he has just become 21.

His release date is now earmarked for May 2010.

Sign up today please - you can access the petition by clicking on the title of this blog

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