Thursday, September 27, 2007

The '08 programme is announced today

Some really good stuff in the proposed 08 headline events for next year

Macca and Ringo, although not on stage at the same time or in the same venue.

Key poets - Seamus Heaney is my hero - between my finger and my thumb my squat pen rests, I will dig with it.

Key artists - the first ever showing of the works of Gustav Klimt in this country, my sister will be desperate to come to Liverpool if only for that exhibition.

Key classical music events, about which I know nothing, but I am reliably informed there will be lots of them.

Key comedy events lead by that old Liverpool favourite from Knotty Ash (am saying nothing more about that)

Masses of other stuff, click the link in the title of this entry for the full programme announced today. Can friends and family please start booking the spare bedroom soon, it is going to be very competitive, I can sense it already.

Now all I have to do is learn to trust an organisation I have little faith in, to deliver something so important, I have everything crossed, hope you do too. We really need this to happen.

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