Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lots of debate out there about GB calling the next general election soon

Frankly I dont care how high in the polls we are riding, I am much more worried about the fact that I have used up all my annual leave until Jan 1st - mainly on the local elections and two byelections we have had this year here in Liverpool.

I hope my workplace will let me take a few week's unpaid leave if GB does announce a poll.

I am still personally unclear about the need for an election, we have a mandate until May 2010, at the outside, we would ordinarily expect to go in May 2009 if the climate was okay.

What is to be gained then from an October 2007 election (apart from more blisters on my poor feet?). Assume that the next election then would be May 2012, that means we gain just two years by going now.

I am always keen for more years, but it doesnt seem a big enough advantage to me.

What if this BlueTongue disease goes big in the next month or two, or there is a calamatous rail crash or a terrorist attack or a rush at the Abbey National? We could lose an election, maybe, two years before we needed to, indeed two and half years before we needed to.

I know GB is not making his decisions on what I think, more is the pity. I will of course step up to the mark whenever it is but I dont think I quite understand the reasoning behind the pundits assumptions yet.

Does this speculation mean that they think that we cannot win in a few years time so we need to go now instead - and what is making them think that?

Genuinely puzzled - going to put my feet in a bowl of warm water in anticipation....

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