Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jacqui Smith announces a new Sexual Assault centre for Liverpool

I am very interested to hear the news that Jacqui Smith has announced a special new sexual assault centre in six cities, including Liverpool.

These centres will be staffed with supportive and thoughtful and sensitive staff who are armed with the best forensic scientists and the best counsellors and the best police, to ensure that women who come forward as victims of sexual assault get proper attention leading to higher conviction rates.

It couldnt come soon enough.

I have some personal experience in this area, which I shant go into in this public forum, but I do think that anything that makes the horror less horrible and anything that improves the number of guilty verdicts from the abominally low state we find ourselves in, must be welcomed.

On a whole other note, I am sure I am not alone in delighting in the fact that we can have a cabinet minister called Jacqui Smith. Go girl!

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