Thursday, September 13, 2007

Labour gain Warbreck ward from LibDems with massive swing

Celebrations tonight in north Liverpool as Labour's Richard McLinden has won the Warbreck ward by-election with a massive swing.

Labour 1796
LibDem 1024

Other results have not yet been received from the count - all of our phones have been buzzing for the last half an hour with updates, a real surge in text traffic!

Update and full Echo coverage available by clicking title of this entry

Richard McLinden (Labour) 1,796;
Ritchie Roberts (Liberal Democrat) 1,024;
Peter Stafford (BNP) 136;
Michael Langen (Independent) 131;
Joseph Moran (UKIP) 52;
Kim Graham (Green) 45;
Mark Rea (Conservative) 40;
Alfie Hincks (Labour Community Party) 32.

A 770 vote majority whereas the result in 2004 when Joan won the seat for the LibDems was about 1400 the other way.

Councillor Bradley has some explaining to do to his group

2006 - Labour gained 3 new seats
2007 - Speke byelection in March - Labour gain
2007 - Labour gained 5 new seats (and lost one)
2007 - Warbreck byelection in September - Labour gain

Not exactly a record of achievement is it?

Brocklebank in the Daily Post this week reckons that Cllr Storey is indeed in training to take back his leadership after being forced to resign last time. Interestingly he said in full council last week that he was aware he had done things and made mistakes that he now regretted. Clearing the decks perhaps?

So it looks like the comments I made in May about his limbering up were probably right.

I wonder how and when the dirty deed will be done.

Meanwhile our group goes from strength to strength, everyone positive, looking forward, united, ready to serve this great city, ready to lead, ready to tackle the big issues

Leadership, not drift, that is what local people want.

The Mathew Street debacle has damaged the credibility of the LibDems because it shows they were not leading, they did not have "a grip" on the situation, nor indeed on a whole lot more either.


Cath said...

Well done to all of you - and despite you taking the weekend off beforehand to enjoy yourself!!
If only we had such a team here. Ah well.
ps send my congrats to Norman please. I only met him once but he provided me with a very welcome cup of coffee and jaffa cakes.

Kensington's Old Dick said...

Me and Marek my Polish Carer were booking a short break in Gdansk (he said it is a bit like a cross between Birkenhead and Southport) in the travel agent on Kenny and who should walk in but Councillor Doran, I am not a nosey person but listening in to other people's private conversations is one of the few pleasure I have after the prostratoctomy

Anyhow Frank mentionedd something about "That Bloody woman", he was booking a holiday in Skegness at the end of May 2008 as he said it "looks as though I'll have plenty of time on my hands then".

As I am no political commentator I would welcome some incise interpretation of Frank's musings.

Oh yes I've also been signed up to appear as a guest on KVFM in November with me "tales of haunted kensington-live!!!"

Kensington's Old Dick said...

I've just heard Stev Farragher has given my "slot" on KVFM over to these two women, aparently it's going to called "the Madam B and Chemical W's show", sounds a bit dodgey to me,

I will picketing the studio when they are on unless my show is returned to me forthwith. marek is fully behind me on this one. I had already lined up interviews with several witnesses to supernatural jiggery pokery in Kensington,including someone who once saw three lib dem counciloors in the area, I know it is hard to believe and seems beyond belief,almost supernatural