Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Empowering Neighbourhoods Scheme in Kensington and Fairfield

Letters should be going out very soon letting local community groups in Kensington and Fairfield know how how they got on with their application to Liverpool's The Empowering Neighbourhoods Scheme (TENS)

Liverpool City Council has made available £300,000 to support community initiatives which contribute to the well being of residents in each of the city's 30 wards.

We have worked hard in the ward to promote the scheme and I am pleased to say we have managed to allocate the full £10,000 in the first round.

Funds are still available in lots of other wards though, so it is worth getting on to your councillor to see if you could receive a grant. Click the title of this blog to see which wards are still to grant funds.

The successful bids we have supported this year are

Lister Residents Association 1500
Kensington Vision Community Radio 3000
All Arts for an Italian event for one world month 1400
United Colours of Kensington for training 2500
Fairfield Community Network 1600

Congratulations to them all

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