Thursday, September 27, 2007

Comtechsa AGM

Another night when I come home feeling uplifted

I went to the Comtechsa AGM tonight at Greenbank College.

All 90 councillors were invited. Barbara Murray and I were the only two there other than Steve Rotheram in his capacity as Deputy Lord Mayor.

And what a treat they missed.

Three wonderful presentations on the theme of New Life for Old Buildings. One from Robin Riley about the marvellous work of the Friends of St James Gardens (which surround the Anglican Cathedral). These gardens have been there for 250 years and had fallen into serious disrepair. The friends have put in 4500 hours so far, cleared tons of rubbish and overgrowth and carefully disposed of 2500 syringes (count them!) They have recreated this important oasis in the heart of the city.

Colin Shearer from the Church Conservation Trust talked about their work to bring 350 derelict churches into the community centres they used to be. They are currently working on St James Church a bit further up the road from the Cathedral. He spoke passionately about the different ways in which these magnificent spaces can be regained for the community.

Then we heard from Tommy Calderbank, a local Toxteth man who has already successfully spearheaded the campaign to save Toxteth Town Hall (and was visited by that carbunkle hater, Prince Charles to compliment him on his work) and the campaign to save the Belevedere (the Belve) which was inches away from demolition. He is now working on a plan to save the Florence Institute, the Florrie. Interestingly, he also talked about the Beaufort Street Board School which lies in ruins and cannot now be saved. He wants though to save the mosaic above the front door. I was particularly interested in this because Great Great Grandfather Millward's sister sent her children to school there. Some pictures here

I pledge again, through this blog, to do what I can to preserve and restore our heritage and resist the bulldozers other than when they are truly necessary.


Louise Baldock said...

I forgot to say that Roger Phillips who compered the AGM said he had been a governor at the Beaufort School for ten years before it was closed.

John Wood said...


Thanks for your excellent response and comments on our AGM. I was very pleased to hear of your effort in promoting our agency with your kind words. Lets hope the word will spread.


John Wood

Technical Team Leader (Comtechsa)

Louise Baldock said...

John, you are very welcome. I was delighted to be invited and to attend. I can see a long and fruitful relationship. Keep me in the loop.

I am passionate about our heritage and about preserving the good things while getting rid of the horrible stuff. That awful sandy brown insurance building on the Strand anyone?

Anonymous said...


I went to Beaufort (or bewey) as a result of Roger's recommendation. Many wonderful teachers and a lovely building.

I occasionally like to go down there and look it over and was heartbroken when it became a ruin.

what ever happened to the film studio idea???????