Friday, August 07, 2009

Your community matters

Well it certainly does in Kensington and Fairfield anyway. Despite torrential downpours, we still managed a good 60 or so people at our event on July 28th, probably 20 fewer than usual but then that meant we had more food to go round for the hardy souls that turned up. Presentations from Richie Ghost, acting Sergeant at Tuebrook, back home from a year in Iraq with the reservists, Gary Travers, standing in for Larry Murphy who has been promoted into the city centre team, their gain, our loss, Tracy Ramsey from the Youth Service who is a very welcome addition to Team K&F working very closely with Wendy, Tony from the PCT – I have forgotten his surname but he said it was the best YCM he had ever attended and he was delighted by the calibre of residents on his table – I could have told him that myself, they are simply the best, and Jackie Rotherham from the JET. Thanks to everyone at LCVS for helping to organise it, also Cathy Patterson and Lisa and Vicky at the school. Another terrific success.

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