Friday, August 07, 2009

Kensington LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust initiative)

Liam, Wendy and I went to the Tea Factory on Wood Street to visit the NHS people last week. We wanted an update on our new Health Centre facility, work on which we hope will be beginning in 12 months time. It will be at the bottom of Holt Road, at the junction with Edge Lane, between there and Quorn Street, more or less, and will (hopefully) house a couple of GPs, a dentist perhaps (all subject to their willingness to come) and a pharmacist. There will also be a consultation to determine what other services would be good there, eg what is the rate of diabetes locally, would we benefit from a diabetes clinic, what about a phlebotomist to take bloods, etc. Of course a lot of this is going to be predicated on who wins the next General Election and the strength of their commitment to Liverpool and to Kensington.

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