Friday, August 07, 2009

Going back to Bradford

The Central Youth Club mini bus took a group of KVFM resident presenters to Bradford to have a look round BCB, Bradford Community Radio on 106.6. We would really like a full time radio licence in Kensington and Fairfield and have carried out various fact finding trips to other stations to see how they operate and talk about how they are funded. It was much bigger and more professional than others we have seen and we were perhaps a little daunted at the amount of money involved in this particularly station, they have a big space in a converted supermarket in the city centre, probably not the scale of operation we had in mind ourselves.

Before I took the wheel for the journey home (I do love to drive high up in a cab, especially over the Pennines), we called into the National Media Museum where I saw some very special old friends, live and in the flesh and it was really them! (as you can see - although the note said that Hamble had gone to where poor old dolls end up, and had been replaced in the latter years with Poppy, shown).

The title of this blog owes its name to this wonderful song by Smokie.

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