Friday, August 07, 2009

Malcolm’s family tree

Mum has finally finished her research on Malcolm Kennedy’s family tree, so I took it over to him last week to show him what she had found. (We have more or less exhausted our own family research after 25 years, so it is fun to have a go at other people’s for a change). He comes from good working class stock, in Northumberland and Cumberland, and in South Scotland, very interesting. Three generations of publicans in Kirkby Stephen, miners, farmers, agricultural labourers, some fascinating census returns too. Now I need to find another friend for her to research.


Jim said...


Mike Baldock said...

Hi again Louise
I didn't know you had done family history too! Does your Baldock line visit Kent or Sussex at any point in the 1700-1800s? I have traced my line back to c1770 and then it gets stuck! Would be fascinating to see if we were linked by blood as well as party!

Mike Baldock (Swale)

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Mike, I have traced my Baldocks back to Plumtree and Tollerton, villages in Nottinghamshire in about 1510. My line moved from there to Leicestershire and then Warwickshire, ending up in Coventry.

As I understand it there are two main groupings of Baldocks, those that moved north up the A1 (Great North Road) from the town itself, towards the Midlands, and those that moved south towards Kent.

I have no links with any of the Kent folk I am afraid.

But it would have been good, wouldn't it!

Louise Baldock said...

Jim - Mum has made a start on your family, she got very excited by the Sunderland connection