Friday, August 07, 2009

Fairfield is SPARKLING

This Saturday Liam gallantly stood in at the surgery while Wendy and I went out with our RSL friends, picking up rubbish on the streets of Elm Park. There was an inordinate amount of freshly dumped sitting room furniture, particularly in the gardens of Balmoral Road, I did wonder if it might be something to do with the end of the academic year, perhaps landlords clearing out after students had left?

Anyway we bundled it all into skips and had a very thorough tidy up. There were 20 skips out across the patch (L6) as part of Sparkles Day, organised by Venture Housing Association with other RSLs, through Putting Neighbourhoods First which is a partnership meeting we hold monthly to take up some of the issues that L6 misses out on by not being in the New Deal area. We were joined by a group of young men on community payback, thanks to them for getting stuck in too.

In the afternoon Liam and I spent 3 hours door knocking in the Holt Road area, meeting old friends and making some new ones. We came away with a long list of casework, so it is a good job we called round.

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