Friday, August 07, 2009

Getting arty in Manchester

Fresh from the shower after my rubbish gathering, I went over to Castlefields in Manchester with Suzanne. We had a fabulous chilli, which she had made herself, that always impresses me, when someone cooks actual food, and then walked up into the village for a night out with some LGBT Labour women. I was terribly sensible though, I think I only had 4 drinks all night, well, I say “sensible”, maybe I just couldn’t thole the prices, one or the other, you decide.

The following day we walked up to the Manchester Art gallery where we had a really good look round the second floor and admired the Anthony Gormley suspended from the ceiling there – made out of iron washers by the looks of him. Then we went over to the Cornerhouse and admired the exhibition relating to the Manchester Parade. There were some great banners, made by a professional banner maker, I loved the one in worship of the chip, and a carnival float which was a replication of a cafĂ© on Bury market. I found that delightfully obscure. We walked back into Castlefields along the Rochdale canal and had a late lunch with Mandy and Mike before I came home. A lovely 24 hours.

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