Thursday, February 14, 2008

Street stall - a bit warmer

This week's street stall was a bit warmer than the last one thankfully although the wind was trying to blow the Labour sign off the front of the stall.

We had a very good reception and chatted to lots of people about their issues and concerns.

We were quite near a bus-stop and did have one slightly bizarre moment when a bus stopped in the traffic with its door open right next to us.

The driver shouted out to me that we should all be voting Conservative and that Maggie Thatcher was a wonderful woman. I shouted back that everyone should get off his bus as he was obviously crazy.

He then shouted that the Liberal Democrats were the party we should support and I repeated my instructions to his passengers more loudly.

Then he shouted over that in actual fact he was not allowed to vote, and then more or less or harmony we shouted to each other that this was because he was criminally insane.

He winked and drove off as all the passengers sat looking out at us with some bemusement.

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