Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liberal Democrat Spring conference due in Liverpool

LibDem Spring Conference in Liverpool on March 7th - 9th 2008.

Interesting to see the conference chair say "The party’s UK-wide spring conference is fast approaching – the first we’ve ever held in a major city run by the Liberal Democrats, and, indeed, the first party conference ever held in Liverpool."

In view of current events in Liverpool and within the LibDem party locally, can we expect this to be their last too?

I see he is expecting to meet delegates in the "good-sized conference bar" - no let up in the drinking agenda then.

I have had a look at the conference info I found on their website.

I found an article in the conference press pack by Chris Rennard, Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrat and now Lord Wavertree, where he says "If you have any spare time over the weekend of the Conference (or at any other time!) to help the Liverpool Lib Dems, then please do let them know! The city still has five Labour MPs and they are doing everything they can to remove our majority on the council."

He had better believe it, and not just them either!

He also says "The Capital of Culture year will be a great celebration and help Liverpool look positively to the future – and we hope everyone else will feel more
positive about the city."

What is he trying to say here? If people dont think positively about Liverpool after ten years of Liberal Democrat rule, then whose fault is that? And who are these gainsayers anyway? As he is the Lord for Wavertree, the constituency where I live, I would prefer something more upbeat from him than this, thank you!

I am glad that 1500 conference delegates will be in Liverpool, boosting the local economy, and I do hope that they will have a great time as individuals and that they will see the city in a great light and will go back home singing the city's praises -and I am sure they will. I hope the 08 people are providing guides to what's on that weekend in the city in terms of art, culture, literature, conversation, music. There are lots of great things they can be doing in the city - and probably all of them are more interesting than a LibDem conference.

But I cannot help thinking that conference organisers will wish they had chosen a different venue now that their flagship LibDem council is officially the worst council in the country.


steve faragher said...

have they included this event in the cpaital of culture calendar?

Anonymous said...

(Scouseboy)Maybe the delegates could visit the Mersey tunnel, as fine example of lib dem inaction in action.
Their members on the transport authority abdicated their responsibility by abstaining. At least Labour had the courage of its convictions, and did not try to be all things to all people!!!

Anonymous said...

Louise I can't believe you'd cheap shot Chris Rennard! He is and will always be the best campaigner to have come out of Liverpool, the man is a legend.