Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Frankie and Bennys

Colin and I had a meal in Frankie and Bennys on Edge Lane last Friday night after surgery.

I like it, nice food - pasta and pizza mainly, nice decor - an Italian/US diner with lots of old black and white photos of families and 50s popstars.

When you go upstairs there are Italian langauge lessons being piped into the stairs and toilets which is a nice touch.

It is however extremely popular for children's parties so expect to have the lights dimmed while a birthday cake is carried out and the whole restaurant sings happy birthday. This happened about four times in an hour or so on Friday.

But apart from that they were all reasonably well behaved and did not detract from our pleasant evening.

I am going again this Friday with colleagues, but at lunch time, so it will presumably be much quieter.

Anyway, give it a go, it is particularly handy if you are going to the pictures as it is just across the car park.


Anonymous said...

I loathe most chain restaurants. The two exceptions are F&B and Pizza Express. We've only discovered F&B since having a baby and it's a great place to go for lunch. The special three course lunch at less than £8 is really good value. Even the background music is good!

Anonymous said...

I had a mushroom pizza at Frankie and Bennys in St Helens last night and was disgusted with the portioning.
I spoke to a member of the management team whos said that the kitchen had been over generous before and a new management had reduced the portions. I would be surprised if there was more than two tablespoons of mushrooms on the very sparce base and the extra pepperoni consisted of 5 slices, that works out at 15p per slice.