Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dream High - and the two buffets!

A good meeting at Dream High this week where we were treated to not one but two buffets. One we had ordered and paid for and one provided free, unexpectedly by a client. I am not at liberty to discuss anything about any clients so wont, but it was a lovely buffet and I am sure they will do very well. The carrot cake was fab, and as my colleague next to me said, that clearly counted as one of my five pieces of fruit and veg.

While I cannot talk about the clients themselves, I can talk about the organisation and how it works and what we do. As it explains on the website, our Enterprise Facilitator, Claire, works with entrepreneurs to identify obstacles that may be in their way in terms of setting up a business or growing an existing business. The Enterprise Facilitator will then work to find resources to assist the client to overcome the issues.

This is mainly done via a panel of around 50 volunteer advisers (of which I am one) who meet every month to give confidential support to clients, this enables budding Entreprenuers to be able to access the volunteers skills, experience and it also helps to open up networks that may otherwise be difficult to access.

I can also tell you about our open day on March 27th from 10am - 4pm at All Saints Church Hall off Cunningham Road, Old Swan.

If you live in the Kensington, Fairfield, Old Swan or Dovecot area and are finding it hard to get your new business off the ground, then come and see us at the open day. Or if you are able to offer free help and support to entrepreneurs either personally or by putting them in touch with people you know who can, then please also come along or contact Claire through the website to offer your services.

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