Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Liverpool NHS Personal Health Trainer Service

Having met them in the caravan during RESPECT week, I arranged to meet with Joan, Karen, Chris and Jan of the Liverpool NHS Personal Health Trainer Service last week.

They work in the neighbourhood supporting individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices.

If you live in Liverpool and you are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle by perhaps giving up smoking, doing more exercise, reducing your alcohol intake, having a healthier diet and you are over 16 then they can help.

They work in the local community, where they also live and so they really understand the issues and challenges faced by local people.

They offer support and signposting and make referrals to appropriate agencies.

They can also come and talk to community groups about the sorts of things they can offer.

I was very impressed with their obvious enthusiasm and am sure that Wendy and I will be recommending that our residents get in touch with them when they want to change their lifestyles.

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Anonymous said...

What a total waste of tax payers money! Making people sit with these people for six weeks, making agreements and filling out plans and forms that they will conform to, instead of just giving advice on diet and special help on an individual basis, is totally ridiculous. I have just been referred to one of these ladies and I really do not even want or need to go. I have just read the handbook and there is no way I am going to agree to anything. I just want advice on diet and foods to help with my condition and to lose some weight, not a personal trainer. Again, what a total waste of money.