Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Campaigning in the bitter cold

Sunday was spent out on the streets, door-knocking and taking photos and coming away with loads of casework.

I have to say that campaigning outdoors in winter is not wonderful.

I think back to April last year when it was so hot, we were getting sun burn. It seems hard to imagine being as warm as that when you are standing shivering, dressed in layers of clothes, with hats and scarves and gloves, dodging rain and hail.

The other worry is that all the while people are chatting to you, you are aware that the heat is rushing out of their front door. Plus it is not much fun for them standing there in their pyjamas at zero temperatures either.

I cannot wait until Spring gets here! (And why is it that the hottest part of the year is becoming the late April/May period and not the July/August period as I always imagined it).

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