Thursday, November 29, 2007

A very wet action Saturday this week

Richie White and I quickly knocked out a round on Belle Vale (and were spotted by a friend from the Liverool African Assocation who I ran into later in McDonalds Kensington when I popped in to see how the radio station was going)

Then I took out a second bundle with Chris Helm where we delivered leaflets in Anfield, all around the stadium. It rained heavily but thankfully we were nearly finished by then.

I took some delight in watching some wet Mackems heading off to an as yet unknown huge defeat in the rain. I was hoping someone would ask me the way to Goodison so that I could point them in the wrong direction but they must have recognised me as a Boro fan because they had more sense than to stop me (no of course I dont mean it, I am an official 08 ambassador really!)

The houses around the stadium are in a very sorry state but I was pleased to see work has started in a concerted way to renovate and improve in at least one street.

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