Monday, November 05, 2007

Labour North-West Regional Conference - Southport

Wendy and I enjoyed the weekend in Southport at regional conference.

Policy forums and debates on child poverty, safer communities, migrant workers.

Conference supported resolutions on supporting the Rolls Royce workers in Bootle, Remploy workers, Putting MRA scanning back into the NHS (Wendy moved that one) and a better deal for postal workers. We also talked about liberalisation in Royal Mail.

Debates too on climate change, on transport, housing, I cannot remember it all but there was plenty of it.

Q&A sessions with our regional MEPs

Hearing from the North West Regional Minister Bev Hughes

and cabinet ministers from the region, Jack Straw and Hazel Blears

Lots of other MPs and ministers, including the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, one Jane Kennedy talking about the way forward for tax credits.

Training sessions on campaigning, including a great one led by Joe Anderson on being an effective opposition.

I was elected unopposed to the Labour Party North West Regional Board for Merseyside along with Tim Moore and Jim from Bootle.

It was as always a great chance to meet old friends and make new ones.

We had a fab time, everyone was very upbeat and we came up with some fantastic policy ideas.

Thanks to Bill Berry and UNISON for their special support over the weekend.

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