Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lister Drive Library

Just picked up on a story in the Liverpool Echo about Lister Drive library,

I did give a long quote but obviously, as it was nearly as long as the whole story it had to be trimmed.

What I actually said was

"My interest in the public library service has been strong ever since I learnt to read. I had special permission from the Chief Librarian to have a "senior" library ticket at the age of about 9 or 10 because I had already read all the books in the junior section in our library. Three months after I took my A levels I went to work in a library and a few years later secured the City and Guilds (London Institute) Library and Information Assistants Certificate.

As both a library worker and a library user, my experience tells me that public libraries are amongst the very best of the services that Local Government delivers to its residents.

Lister Drive Library is a wonderful example of a local library. It provides a great service within a nationally celebrated building.

It may have been closed pro tem because of Health and Safety issues but this can and should be only a temporary measure.

We need this library to be brought back into public use as soon as possible. Allowing it to fall into disrepair is a slight on both the concept of public libraries and on the importance of the concept of listing in Local Government."

Before the usual suspects jump on me for the fact this is not in my ward, I would say that it is nontheless the library of choice for many Fairfield residents.


Jonathan Brown said...

Article was by Laurence Westgaph - as you know I've been trying to draw public attention to the stealth closure of this lovely library for a while now, and have lobbied various journalists and politicians, including your good self, whose help is much appreciated.

Good to see it now getting more and more coverage. The intent to run it down is obvious, and shameful.

steve faragher said...

I can hear the sound of andrew carnegie spining in his grave better give him the names and addresses of the lib dems who are closing it down so he can haunt the bastards-