Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Remembrance Sunday

Wendy and I went to St George's Hall on Sunday for the Remembrance Day service.

Unfortunately it rained quite heavily and the big crowd of service men and women, veterans, dignatories, faith leaders and the general public who attended all got very wet.

It was a lovely service though, and good to see so many children and young people taking part.

At one point a Dakota flew over and dropped millions of poppy petals but unfortunately the wind and rain blew them away from their intended landing on the square, I was finding them on Sefton Street the next day which must be half a mile away at least.

I took Grandad Baldock's medals with me and showed them to a few people. I understand I could actually wear them if I wanted to, over the right breast rather than the left, but I think that would feel a bit strange so I kept them in my bag. He received the Africa star, the Italy star, the Atlantic Star, the Defence medal, the Long and Efficent Service medal and two other medals which seem to commemorate "taking part" for want of a better description.

He was awarded the Oak Leaf for mention in despatches at the evacuation of Dunkirk, he went to Buckingham Palace to receive it from the King and Queen. He was in the Navy, as a medical officer. I am very proud of him.

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