Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More door-knocking on Elm Vale

Liam and I have continued our visit to residents in the Elm Vale area.

Last week we knocked on about 30 doors, spoke at length to residents in 16 houses, took about a dozen items of casework and requests for information away. It is slow progress but we feel we are making very good links with people and really engaging with them and their issues.

This area is particularly important because they dont have a TRA to engage with so we have to go to each resident individually to find out what their local issues are.

Main concerns in the area continue to be the numbers of young people gathering together on local streets and then in the park, having bought lots of alcohol from nearby suppliers who are supplying them underage. We have taken this up with the local police who have been arranging test purchases of alcohol in the area and giving the area lots of visits. Several residents commented on the much increased presence of police on the streets.

Being a tree-lined area there are the usual concerns about pruning and leaf-fall.

Street cleansing is an issue too as it is right across the patch, everyone talks constantly about the difference in street cleansing between areas like Mossley Hill, Allerton, Childwall and areas like Picton and Kensington. I am trying to set up a meeting with Enterprise Liverpool to go over their schedule of cleansing and to work with Neighbourhood Management Services and with local residents, to monitor them to see whether they are sticking to the schedule and whether it is in any case often enough or sufficient.

Watch this space

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