Thursday, November 29, 2007

Project Chrysalis Dinner

I was pleased to attend the Chrysalis Dinner on Saturday night with Stephen Twigg, to celebrate and help raise funds for this vital domestic violence project.

Jackie the founder is doing brilliant work supporting victims of domestic violence with lots of agencies and partners to support her and the team.

The Devonshire House Hotel was beatifully decorated and the guests were all beautifully dressed - in black and white.

We were very well entertained by some very talented children, one tap dancing Riverdance style, one singing young Michael Jackson songs like an old pro and by Jackie's daughter showing Amy Winehouse how it is really done. (I am giving as few names as I can here, under the circumstances).

Then we enjoyed an Abba tribute band and a disco. The guests were all thrilled to have Jane Kennedy there, with partner and PA and also a dancing Stephen Twigg. But we had a great time too, lovely food my first Christmas dinner of the year, dancing, singing and no speeches or raffles, hurrah!

Thank you so much for inviting me. I took three bits of casework away but they were all relatively easy and I had them sorted within 24 hours. A great night all round. The more people that came up and thanked us for coming, the more we thanked them for letting us come, now you cannot say that too often about formal events like this!

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