Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bangladesh charity night

Message from Dan Lees. Respond to him at danlees at yahoo dot com if you would like to attend.

Bangladesh charity night. Red Peppers, 290 Kensington.

16th December 2007.

On the above date Red Peppers will be hosting a charity evening to benefit areas of Bangladesh that have suffered from the recent flooding and typhoons.

As you are aware Bangladesh is a third world country that relies heavily on foreign aid. However much of this aid which has been earmarked for the country due to the recent disaster will not reach certain areas that also need it.

The MD of Red Peppers is from an area of Bangladesh which has been badly affected but will not receive any of the foreign aid at this time as such he feels that something needs to be done.

All money raised will be distributed directly to the villages that surround Ash’s home town of Sylhet which are in desperate need of repair. The most important thing at this time is the provision of tins for the roofs and materials to build stronger housing to counter the frequent flooding that affects the area.

The evening will comprise of a free buffet of fine Indian cuisine, music, entertainment and prize draws to help benefit the people of that region.
Bearing in mind a small amount of Sterling is worth a lot in Bangladesh and would do a great amount of good.

Please attend this event if you are able and also help us by distributing to your network of contacts. There is parking facilities to the rear of the restaurant with space for 60 guests.

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