Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kensington Vision 87.7FM, our show is tomorrow!

Tune in on the internet on 87.7fm from 4pm - 6pm on Monday November 19th for the Louise and Wendy Community News Show.

If you want to contact the station while we are on air, you can text the show on 07805449220 or email us


Anonymous said...

It's a really good idea and all the best, but having spent the last couple of days chatting to a few Kensington residents in different areas and bringing this up in conversation, no one seems to know about it. (At least no one involved in a community group or who has not met Louise or Wendy). I hope I have got a few more listeners but in reality, without proper promotion these things rarely succeed. Sad but true.

Indeed, the argument could be made that unless there is a demographic tuning in that would otherwise not be connected or involved in local issues, then these things are futile. This is especially concerning if public money is being used to support it.

A lot has been said about what is going to be on the station (once one finds out) but nothing about how its success will be measured. Without any sort of measure related to influence in the community then the whole task unfortunately seems a waste of money based on vanity.

I'm sorry to be thinking like that but such has been the paucity of information (should a Labour leaflet from our good Councillors really be the only info that has come through my door?) that rather than be impressed and proud I am feeling a little dismayed.

Anyway, best of luck. I'm sure you'll do great, even given what I have said above. I'll tune in - do you do requests?!?!

steve faragher said...

There's that phrase public funding-keeps cropping up when messages are being left here about the radio station, again I do wish people who make claims or have questions, or bogus opinions at least have the balls to say who they, so that I can address them directly and they of course can ask me questions directly.

People who leave messages should just be frank about what they've got to say, and I'll remain being ernest, which is impportant to me.

I think sad is the operative word in this case.

JB said...

They played my request - The Streets of Kensington by Shack!

Everyone spread the word, it's a great initiative, hope it can go live again soon after the current couple of weeks.

Kensington's very own Old Dick said...

The standard of broadcating on this so called "radio station" left a lot to be desired,I listend and recorded the whole twelve gours today-I was completely bored stiff.What a shambles....

For a start anyone knows Benrie Flint won Opportunity Knocks and had number one hit in 1970 and is not the treasurer of The Kenny Felds Couperative Society. That of course is Bernie Winters

I personally went out and spoke to Marek my Polish carer and a few of his mates, about the radio station and they didnt have clue it was even on, MArek also didnt know he is in Kensington Liverpool (he thinks he is in London) or why I onyl pay him 5 kopeks a day to look after my personal care.

I also asked severla of my mates in the prostrate survivors and erectile disfunction club (Fairfield branch), had they been lsitening and despite the fact they all had, non of them were able to tell me the mobile number read out on air or the email address, thereby proving the thing to be a waste of my and yours money.

My less than positive regards to this waste of pubic money has nothing to do wiht my show being cancelled due to being wrongly accused of self prmotion and spiritual imbalance, I only wanted to mention my 0900-old-dick tales of haunted kensington half a dozen times on the show,,,,

More alarmingly after recording your show on myreel to reel recorder and running the tape backwards I was able to ascertain that you and Wendy had been back masking, ie.e putting hidden political messages in some of the music tracks yuo chose, for instance one track played backwards had the message,

"Gordon Brown-big clunking fist"

within it which scared Marek, and yet another on fruther scrutiny said unmistakenly

"I am Tony Blurs Love child",

the last song you did when reversed said without a doubt

"Labour is a very good party to vote for locally even if you dont agree withe the national policies"-

I am looking up the email address of OFCOM as we speak to lodge my complaint on theis serious matter.

On a postitve pont Do you think they'll play Ghostbusters for me on one of the other shows and give me s shout out if I text in?

Louise Baldock said...

I'm all in a tremble

Last weekend and most of today Wendy and me were very nervous, anxious, tense, petrified* delete as appropriate.

We started our show at 4pm, having spent three hours last night scripting more or less every word (my experience a few weeks ago with the gorgeous Tony Snell helping to guide us budding jockeys).

We went in full of fear but within a short while we were confident and singing along to the music we had brought with us, thankfully for listeners, that was not broadcast.

We had great guests who really helped to move the programme along:

Saul Marks and Maria Curran from the Deane Road Jewish Cemetery, Marie Wallenfang from Central Youth Club on Walker Street, Jonathan Brown from Friends of Newsham Park and Inspector Dave Charnock from Tuebrook Police Station.

We were "driven" (that is the technical term apparently) by Carl the mover behind the whole project, from Likely Alliance (or whatever it is called), all thanks to him for holding our hands for so long. He started saying I was linear retentive and Wendy was the opposite but frankly I dont really know what either of those things mean, probably not very nice.

We were ably supported by Colin who downloaded all our tracks onto CDs so we could play them through the show and by Steve and Sheila F.

It was ace, no other word will do, and we would do another set like a shot.

Thanks so much to Kensington Vision, make the most of your fornight

Thanks for putting our area on the map

Old Dick (suffering prostrate transplant rejection, the drugs dont work) said...

I have been approached by some people of the radio called mad carl and lieutenant pigeon or something liek that (the tel line was bad) they'd read my comment adn wanted me to come to come on there KvFM show next wednesday night to "put the willies up them" as they put it. it is Marek's night for his chess club so I might be tempted to go against my previous instincts ad go on the radio station which cruelly spurned me, alhtough I might have to go in disguise as Steve Farragher has told Mc Donalds to Barr me??? because of my links with arch rivals wetherspoons adn his displeasure at my remarks here.

I can onyl say be scarred be very scared Old Dick is out there as well as the truth

Old Dick-"the bontempi is still holding out" said...

I texted the show tonight and asked for a Big SHout Out whateve that is and asked to play ghost busters and all they could manage was "The exorcist" played ona bontempi organ, what a shanbles, futile futile futile....I'll try again tomorrow night, if I've got any credit on my mobile telephone

steve faragher said...

All the area's councillors have been invited to enjoy the joys of a happy meal at mcdonalds this afternoon-photos to follow........