Sunday, November 18, 2007

La Dolce Vita

Wendy, Liam and I enjoyed an evening out in Fairfield at the La Dolce Vita Italian evening as part of One World Week.

About 150 people enjoyed Italian food and wine, a talk from local historian (with Italian roots) Frank Carlyle about Little Italy and the history of the Italians in Liverpool and some fine music, plus a short speech from the Italian consul for Liverpool and surrounds, Nunzia Bertali.

A new group has been set up to bring the dispersed Italian families back together 70 odd years after their community was bulldozed. Liverpolitalia. If anyone has the website or contact details please post them up here in a comment, I cannot find the bit of paper I brought home with me just now.

We agreed to support the event through Liverpool City Council's Empowering Neighbourhoods Fund, and it was money very well spent.


Anonymous said...

Hello Louise,

My name is Peter Wilson. My wife Denise and myself attended La Dolce Vita also.We agree that it was money well spent.I am a member of the steering group of Liverpolitalia and if you would like to forward your details, I will get in touch.


Peter Wilson ( Gianelli )

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Peter, lovely to hear from you, thanks for finding the entry.

Please email me at my council email address with contact details for the group - or a website address - so that I can display them on the website. Don't send me details you don't want me to display, I would love to put more Italian Liverpool families in touch with each other.

Thanks Louise

louise dot baldock at liverpool dot gov dot uk

Anonymous said...

Thanks Louise,

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Kind regards