Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to wish all readers a happy new year

2006 was a wonderful year for me, my top five things were

1. Being elected to Liverpool City Council
2. Chairing annual Labour Party conference in Manchester
3. Moving into my lovely new home
4. The birth of baby Rosa, daughter of a close friend
5. Receiving my first educational certificate in 15 years

I hope that 2007 is as good as 2006, it has certainly started very well

My hopes for the year are

for Labour

1. To win that second council seat in Kensington and Fairfield for Labour

2. A renewed Labour Party with a new leader recruiting new members (three have joined in Kensington alone in the last 8 weeks, I hope this is a sign of things to come).

3. More Labour women in positions of power, locally and nationally

for Kensington and Fairfield

1. Some real progress in building new homes and tackling the blight of boarded up houses in Kensington and Fairfield

2. Action over Kensington market once and for all

3. That the council finally bites the enforcement bullet and agrees to root through bin bags that have been dumped or put out on the wrong days, looking for names of residents to fine. We need some front page stories in the Echo to make sure people know we wont stand for it any more.

for me

1.That a smokefree Liverpool and a smokefree UK encourage me to finally stop smoking
2. That the tentative friendships I have begun in 2006 blossom and grow

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tom watson said...

Happy New Year Louise.