Sunday, January 28, 2007

Prostitution loophole

Apparently, there is a little known loop-hole in law that says that if you approach a prostitute on foot it is not a crime in the same way that kerb crawling in your car is.

The offence on foot has to be "repeated soliciting" which means the police have to catch the man approaching a girl many times over before he can be charged.

This was revealed during Operation Rose when it became clear (as I predicted back in the summer last year) that most of the men looking for girls in the area were on foot, having jumped off the bus or strolled across the park.

This has made it rather difficult to tackle them, but the intensive police presence finally drove the girls and the dealers away so there is now nothing to attract the punters.

I have taken this up with Jane Kennedy MP who has promised to talk to the Home Office about getting the legislation changed.

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