Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dream High and the Sirolli Institute in Kensington

I went to my first meeting of the Dream High project last week.

Working on Sirolli Institute principles, the organisation is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who want to develop a new business in the Kensington area.

Board members pledge to introduce people wanting to set up in business in the area to the enterprise facilitator, Claire Baker, and she in turn supports them with help and advice, referring back to board members where necessary.

The board includes bankers, marketing people, IT people, graphic designers, Princes Trust, the University, Health people, church people, all sorts of people who might be able to offer advice to a budding new business person.

We heard about four people who needed particular advice and various people in the room offered practical suggestions.

It seems like a pretty good organisation to me, I have promised to get involved. The Chairman also told me that they dont have any HR professionals on the board, so I might be able to help as a Councillor and through my professional advice.

I have included a link to the fledgling website which you can get to by clicking on the title of this posting.

If you know of someone in Kensington who is starting up in business and who has hit a snag or needs advice, put them on to me and I will make the referral. They wont look back with such experts to help them.

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Sirolli Institute said...

Good to see the work making a real difference in Liverpool. You can find out more about the work of the institute at